The SafeKey System


There is a new and totally voluntary type of ignition interlock worth mentioning that does not use a breathalyzer. Instead, the SafeKey System challenges the driver with a test of eye-hand coordination to get the car started.

An interlock device is installed in the car like with a regular system. But there is no breathalyzer. Instead, the driver has a special key fob called a ‘check module’ with lights that flash and corresponding buttons to push. You have to keep up and hit the right buttons to start the car.

Because you need to have the check module to start the car, the system doubles as an anti-theft device. As long as you have the check module, nobody else can take your car even if they have the key.

It’s like playing ‘Simon Says’ to start your car. Now right away, I know you are thinking the same thing we did, “How is this supposed to stop somebody from driving drunk?!?”

Obviously, most people after a drink or two could follow the pattern of lights and start their car. And SafeKey has testing data on their website which proves this.

But there is something else this data shows. Once people get just a little over a .10 BAC, the task becomes nearly impossible. A SafeKey system WILL prevent ‘Extreme DUI’. Extreme DUI is a BAC typically around twice the .08 legal limit. Accidents from Extreme DUI result in a disproportionate number of fatalities. So this system really can save lives.

SafeKey will also prevent a few other types of impaired driving which a breathalyzer test cannot catch. Drivers on prescription medications like Ambien (sleep driving) and drugs that affect your motor skills can be prevented from driving with a device like this.

Although it may not technically prevent all levels of drunk driving, a total cost of under $300 with no calibration visits or fees will get you a device which will prevent Exteme DUI and many forms of drugged driving. Oh yeah, it’s an anti-theft device too. For a little more money, you can add GPS capabilities allowing full vehicle tracking capabilities. Now you have fleet management with impaired driving prevention!


There are many hi-tech solutions out there which can help you prevent yourself (or your family, or even your employees) from driving under the influence. At one end of the scale are simple breathalyzers. These are passive in that it’s still up to you to say, “My BAC is too high, I have to wait before driving.” At the other end are ignition interlock devices which will not surrender control of your car to anyone who has been drinking. Some even prevent driving under other forms of impairment. Consider your needs and do whatever it takes to keep yourself and others from driving under the influence. Everything on this page is cheap compared to a drunk driving arrest!