Well firstly, we appreciate that compliment!  We understand this question, we are pretty new to Frederick, and designated driver services aren’t as common in cities as one would presume they’d be.  With all that said, now there’s one in Frederick! You can definitely rest assured knowing that we’re a respectable organization filled with some of the most courteous, friendly, and of course safe drivers this city has to offer.  Their number one concern & goal, is getting every single one of you home safely, and free of DUI’s. If you’d like more information on who we are and what our organization’s other values are, feel free to take a look at Our Mission Statement to get our whole story!




To get a simple explanation of how to use SOS Safe Ride, simply visit our How’s It Work section!





We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal Accounts, and Official Safe Ride Gift Cards




Generally speaking, we serve all of the Frederick County area and parts beyond.  The Safe Ride Designated Drivers understand that people come from all around to visit the bar scene, so our rule of thumb is: “We will travel as far as you need us to (within reason)”.  We do ask though, if you need to go farther than half an hour away, you may want to give us a heads up about it beforehand, just so we can plan for it. That’s fair right? 🙂





Tips are 100% appreciated, but as in any tipping situation are not by any means required.  Your driver is doing their best to accommodate you and also take good care of “your baby”, so if you’d like to, feel free to show them that you appreciate it.




No Reservation Necessary!  Just give us a call and we’ll be right there within minutes.  However, if you know exactly when you’ll need us, feel free to make a reservation and we’ll by all means try to keep that time slot available for you.





Done and Done!  We drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Whether it’s a compact two-door or a beastly truck, we can surely handle it.  [Side Note:] Blow-N-Go? Yes, we can take care of it!





Sure you can, we encourage it actually! Safe Ride is great for events such as parties, happy hours, reunions, bachelor(ette) parties, weddings, etc.  There is a $50 deposit per driver team that you’d like to book [One or two usually can accommodate your whole event within reason]. That driver will be on standby solely for your event.  Just let us know during what times you’ll need us and we’ll make sure to have them available.




Accidents could happen from time to time, and you’ll be happy to know that S.O.S. Safe Ride has a spotless track record, zero accidents to date.  The answer to your question is: Yes!. There are three simple layers to our liability agreement. In the unlikely but certainly not impossible event that an accident occurs, you’ll be happy to know that the auto liability policy on your vehicle will also cover an SOS Safe Ride driver because you had given us consent to operate the vehicle.  In addition to this, all of our Designated Drivers are personally insured with their own auto coverage policies which will also add another cushion of protection.  Finally, our general liability (GL) coverage adds the final tier in the very rare event that it’s needed for additional coverage.





None taken at all, and a completely understandable concern.  Surprisingly enough, and for whatever odd reason, there are often more females on duty for Safe Ride than males, so if the gender of your driver is a concern, just let us know beforehand and we can definitely accommodate your preferences, no questions asked!






S.O.S. Safe Ride is indeed a 100% charitable organization and is a tax-exempt and 501(c)3 under federal guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. As a non-profit, our organization does a great deal of work towards the prevention of drunk driving; working with local businesses, state legislature, and of course individuals to further our mission.   We host numerous fundraisers & events throughout the year, and even provide collegiate scholarships and grants for students in the Frederick county area. If you have any other questions about our work, or would even like to know ways that you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we can give you the whole scoop!



Any other questions that we missed? Just ask and we’ll be happy to answer!