Board Members

The Safe Ride Foundation Board of Directors

Wayne Dorsey

President & Founder
Wayne Dorsey is the freakishly tall Founder & Chairman of The Safe Ride Foundation. At the young age of only 26, he is already deep into his ventures as a social entrepreneur. Wayne currently hails from Charles Town, West Virginia, and attended college at West Virginia University as a Computer Engineering student. In his spare time, he is also an avid skateboarder, musician, basketball player, MMA fighter, and professional Stand-up Comedian. This young man has a great connection with people that those who have met him can immediately sense. Because of this, in addition to his drive and work ethic, he hopes to help make The Safe Ride Foundation a thriving asset to this community.


Frank Gibson

Director of Finance and Board Treasurer

sdafljFrank Gibson is a native of Walkersville, Maryland. After finishing up his master’s degree in Finance at Towson University, Frank is currently a financial advisor in Frederick county, providing sound financial counseling to businesses and individuals alike.  Frank still lives in Walkersville with his wife and son.  Frank serves as the interim Chief Financial Officer for S.O.S. Safe Ride. He has been very valuable to us in our efforts to become a flagship non-profit in the area.




An Ly

Director of Programs

An Ly, from Tallahassee, Florida, is a computer engineer living in Frederick Maryland. Starting off as manager of the SOS Safe Ride program, An has answered the call to move up into our board of directors, and is eager to take a more active role in changing the culture in Frederick County as it pertains to the nightlife and responsible drinking.  An currently resides in Frederick City with his wife and children, he also is an avid auto mechanic and loves to travel.



Anna Granofsky

Director of Fundraising and Board Secretary


Anna Granofsky is an academic advisor for American Public University System, originally coming from Franklin WV.  A mother of one, she takes to heart the thought of a drunk driver jeopardizing the safety of her child or the rest of her family. Anna joined the Safe Ride Foundation in mid 2017, and has been absolutely ecstatic and willing to aide us in our mission.  She currently serves as our board secretary and fundraising director, and her infectious personality is one that we cannot see our office going without.


Penny Musser

Director of Advocacy

Penny Musser of Clarksburg, MD is a local insurance agent with an office located in downtown Frederick. She is an avid philanthropist and a valuable asset to not only SOS Safe Ride but the community at large.  She joined the board of SOS Safe Ride to help protect the lives of those who live in her community, including young people closer in age to her teenage son.  We’re lucky to have her aboard!