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Part-Time Paid Designated Drivers Needed! – SOS Safe Ride is a designated driver-for-hire program that operates four nights a week all over the Frederick County area. Our designated drivers are professional vehicle operators with  driving record and background checks performed upon each and every one of them.  A flexible driving schedule provides our drivers an opportunity to work when they are able to.  They earn competitive pay and sometimes have the opportunity to drive a lot of very cool cars.

Clients use our designated driver-for-hire program from their homes, bars, restaurants, concerts, weddings, parties, and even medical and dental facilities. Drivers provide designated driving services by driving SOS Safe Ride clients home in their own car while their partner follows in the chase car.  We are not a taxi service and no one is allowed to ride in the chase car with the exception of the SOS Safe Ride driver and their partner. Safety is our top priority.  We provide a personal driver-for-hire program that is safe, reliable, and above all, discreet.

Designated Driving shifts are available four nights of the week; beginning as early as 9:00 pm and ending as late as 3:00 am.

Successful independent contractor and volunteer drivers develop working relationships with bartenders, wait staff, doormen, valets, etc, which provides a great avenue to get acquainted with the bar scene and staff.

We dress for success!  An SOS Safe Ride uniform is provided, drivers must also wear khakis (Jeans are not permitted).

A few requirements and requests of our professional drivers:

  • Must own a smart phone, with space to download apps needed for the position.
  • For Drivers: Having a DUI on your record is NOT a deal-breaker, we understand that people want to give back after making that mistake, so we gladly welcome those who fit that description within reason.
  • Must have a valid Drivers License.
  • Must have a great 3 year Motor Vehicle Record, not exceeding 4 points.
  • Must have great communication skills.
  • Must carry current auto insurance on their vehicle in the event that they use it for work.
  • Must be reliable. We are extremely flexible with scheduling, but in return we ask that you simply show up on-time and ready to go.
  • Must be well groomed and presentable when arriving at work.
  • Must have no VISIBLE tattoos.
  • Must pass an extensive background check
  • Must be at least 19 years of age;
  • And most importantly: Must be of high moral character; honest and dependable, with a good work ethic and attitude!

If this sounds like you, then you could be an SOS Safe Ride driver and start right away.  Demand for our program is high and we need professional drivers today!  Let’s get some initial info from you below:

Designated Driver Position Inquiry Form: