As Little as $1/Month can go a LONG Way!


About over a year and a half ago, our Frederick-Based nonprofit organization launched the wildly popular program known as SOS Safe Ride, an awesome & revolutionary designated driving service and mobile app that will transport you home from the bar, in YOUR own vehicle.
Since then SOS Safe Ride has grown exponentially, and we feel that we are now on the verge of creating something even more special than what we once thought was possible, and we think with your help, we can make that a reality.

With our program, and our organization as a whole, we’ve always dreamed big. We’re not just trying to drive people home and call it a night. Moreover, we’re trying to create a change in culture. We want citizens of Frederick County to live in an environment where they can be safe in knowing that not only will the roads be free from drunk drivers, but that the thought of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated would never even occur to someone in our area.

Our goal is to create an environment where there is ZERO excuse to drive when you shouldn’t be doing so, especially with the availability of public transportation, uber, and of course your friendly designated drivers here at SOS Safe Ride.

Like any endeavor, the goals we’re aiming to achieve are going to require a serious investment of time, energy and funding. So we’re turning to you, the incredibly passionate SOS Safe Ride supporters, advocates, and as we call you, family, to help us fulfill our vision and ensure that SOS Safe Ride remains as accessible & easy to use as it currently is, while also expanding  our efforts into the rest of the week, and into parts outside of Frederick County.

With full monthly patronage, or even with a One-Time donation, you will be personally thanked by everyone here at the Safe Ride Foundation, be sent awesome goodies in the mail, and of course, enjoy incredible benefits with SOS Safe Ride, including FREE and Discounted rides on a monthly basis.

Keep in mind that Safe Ride Plus is just that, a plus! It is by no means required in order to use SOS Safe Ride, and all the benefits that you enjoy now, are here to stay. Safe Ride Plus adds an icing on the cake, and also the peace of mind in knowing that you are directly supporting a worthy charity in Frederick County. All donations and patronage tiers are tax-deductible and the Safe Ride Foundation is indeed a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized under all state and IRS Guidelines.

We’ve been blessed with the absolute best community on the entire world, and we’re sure that with your help, SOS Safe Ride can serve as the foundation of a significant change in our community, and a valuable asset in Frederick County for years to come. We look forward to making SOS Safe Ride more, but better, and in advance…from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The Safe Ride Foundation