The 2019 Safe Ride Foundation Angel Fund Campaign has Launched

And we need YOUR combined support!

As with every year, in response to 2019 events pertaining to drunk driving, including drunk driving arrests, accidents, and untimely passings, we call upon our supporters to join us in the fight for change yet again, as we launch the 2019 edition of the Angel Fund Campaign for victim relief.

Drunk driving affects many families ever year all throughout the world, and in Frederick County we are no strangers to the consequences that driving under the influence can bring.

In light of recent events, including the unfortunate passing of 23-year old  Xander Dennie in early August, The Safe Ride Foundation must reiterate the “why” behind what we do.  We’re here to create a world without victims, to change habits, and to shift the culture to make sure that Frederick County has zero drunk drivers.  We can’t do that without your support.

We attack drunk driving from 3 angles, education, initiative, and stewardship.  In the realm of the latter, stewardship allows us to directly support families of those affected by drunk driving through programs like the Angel Fund.

Visit the link below to find out more, and help us to create a world without victims.