“No gift is too small, and when we combine our gifts… we make the biggest impact”

We can never truly grasp why certain terrible things happen, such as the loss of loved ones, the struggles we go through every day, sickness, and so much more.

Life has a way of giving people a complete mess, situations where before they even know what happened, everything is turned upside-down.

How do we get through life during the times when it’s gratuitously unfair? With help, with support, and with the aid from others.

Recent Frederick County Drunk Driving Tragedies

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Xander Dennie, of Frederick MD

“Alexander” was the name his mother gave him at birth… and in an instant, their entire world would change. This year, in August of 2019, Xander got a ride home along with his partner after a night in downtown Frederick, the driver of the vehicle being a friend who claimed to be “fine to drive” after several drinks that evening.

Their vehicle veered off the road and struck a drainage culvert, subsequently bursting into flames severely burning both Xander and his partner. The injuries to the driver were non life-threatening.

Days later, Xander succumed to the infection from his burns, and passed away on August 15, 2019.

He was 23.

For those of us who have children, we all hope that we never have to receive the phonecall which Xander’s mother had to receive that morning.

Drunk driving needs to end, it simply has to.

Here at SOS Safe Ride, too often do we hear stories like Xander’s and feel the responsibility to initiate that change. With us being the only anti-drunk driving nonprofit in Frederick County, we take that responsibility very seriously, doing everything we can to educate the public, create viable prevention programs, and most importantly support those who are unfortunately affected by this epidemic.

We must show our love and support to these victims and their families, which is why in 2018 we created the Safe Ride Foundation “Angel Fundin honor of the angels who were taken from us unexpectedly and unfairly due to the dangers of drunk driving.

Every dollar donated to this fund is attributed to the victim services arm of our organization. A 100% tax-deductible fund that provides access to grief counseling, support for funeral costs, endowments, and various victim services that help tremendously during a family’s greatest time of need.

In the vein of nonprofit transparency, there are many tragedies around Frederick County that have involved drunk driving, and we aim to support as many affected families as possible.  A gift made in a victim’s name does not garauntee that their family will receive funding, but rather, the foundation uses the Angel Fund as a pool of funding that will be redistributed to families as these needs arise in the community (i.e. time-sensitivity, financial strain on family, recentness of tragedy, etc).

If you would like to directly bless a particular family that has been affected, definitely reach out to that family individually to find out the best way to support them in their time of need. The Angel Fund serves as a widespread initiative for Frederick County victim relief, and will in turn impact many families in our area with your combined blessings.

Beneficiaries for the fund are announced and awarded at the end of each quarterly campaign, where the foundation will present the funding via check to the affected family or families.

When a gift is made, that victim’s family will receive a personalized card via mail highlighting your individual support to the victim relief fund. The names of each honored victim will also be memorialized in our monthly newsletter. Gifts may be made anonymously, or with the donor’s name attached to show their personal support.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  “No gift is ever too small, and when we combine our gifts….we always make the biggest impact.”

We thank Frederick County for it’s enormous support of this worthy program, and together we can create a world without victims.

Angel Fund No Road

Make a Gift Today to the Safe Ride Foundation Angel Fund in Honor of a Victim.

Note: You will be prompted to memorialize your loved one on the thank you page. 

Make sure you complete that short form so that we’ll know what family to send your condolences to!

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