“No gift is too small, and remember that the greatest one you can give, is simply your time.”


The Safe Ride Foundation is proud to be among the very first charities to accept cryptocurrency donations.

Are you into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?  Well so are we!

Bitcoin is one of the most revolutionary phenomenons to hit the tech space today, with thousands of smart people like you entering that ecosystem every single day.  That said, it can still be hard these days to effectively use it in the real world, and that’s slowly but steadily changing!

While it sits there collecting value every day, we as users wonder what we’ll use it for…

Why not donate a ‘bit’ to a worthy charity?

(haha sorry, we figured you would laugh at that..)

Starting this year, we’re helping folks like you use your ‘coins’ to help keep Frederick County Safe!

As of today, dozens of absolutely FREE rides with SOS Safe Ride have already been funded in part by these types of donations, allowing us to continue our bold initiative of both transparency and reliability.

Your generous digital gift, no matter how small, will go to work instantly helping save lives and serve the community through The Safe Ride Foundation’s designated driving services, as well as through various grants and scholarships awarding those who have made the decision to stay safe.  It is also worthy to note, that no part of your in-kind donation will go toward salaries or compensation of any kind.

The Safe Ride Foundation Inc. is a 100% Tax-Exempt 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization under all IRS Tax Guidelines, meaning all donations are completely tax-deductible.

Cryptocurrency donations are now being used to fund this fully automated and on-demand drunk driving prevention initiative in Frederick County, as well as continuing to help maintain it. With this new tech, we will be able to provide an unmatched level of accountability in our work, and we thank you all for your continued support as we evolve with this new charitable technology.

Together, we can create a future with No More Victims.



Simply SCAN the QR Code Below, or easily SEND your donation to our exclusive bitcoin address below: