Stay Aware… While still at the Bar!

BACTrack Breathalyzers and SOS Safe Ride want YOU to be safe…. wherever you’re drinking in Frederick County.

For Maryland, the legal BAC limit for a DUI is 0.08.
With a lot of us… that can be as little as two drinks!

Too often we go out with the intention of only having “just a few”, but things happen and we understand that.  However, the difference between you and a DUI, is being aware, and being prepared.

That’s why this September we’re partnering with BACTrack to provide FIVE lucky Frederick County citizens with their own personal BACTrack Police-Grade Breathalyzer, complete with 2 rides home in your vehicle for 50% OFF normal price!

Enter your email below to get entered in the contest, and be ready for our winners announcement on Sunday September 15th!

We believe no one should ever drink and drive in a place as great as Frederick County.  We search for the people in our area who believe that same thing. 

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