First and foremost, as we go into this very unusual type of St. Patrick’s Day, we must extend our thoughts and prayers with those around the world impacted by COVID-19. These unprecedented times can undoubtedly create anxiety and stress, but upon reflection they can also bring out the very best in us in how we respond.
It has been nothing short of extraordinary and inspirational to witness the support from all of you as our 2020 First Quarter concludes with more than exemplary results. Having said all this, we at The Safe Ride Foundation are becoming subject to the Coronavirus procedures as well.
As you may well know, on yesterday 3/16/2020, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued a state of emergency closing all restaurants, gyms, and bars in the state of Maryland throughout the coming days.
This in turn is the reason that as much as we don’t wish to, the SOS Safe Ride program will also not operate during this time, effective Monday, 3/16/2020.
It’s a silver lining to know that given the circumstances, drunk driving will be significantly reduced by default during this time, but this decision goes a bit further than that. Understanding that we do drive a lot of people on a weekly basis, we feel that this is also the best move in order for us to do our part in protecting the interest and health of not only those who use the program, but the volunteer drivers who give their time to get everyone home safely.
Prayerfully this shouldn’t last outside of the next few weeks of the mandate, so in the meantime, please be safe and rest assured that we’re going to continue monitoring this situation closely and we’ll be reopening the program no later than when bars/restaraunts are open again (or possibly sooner).  Our thoughts are with you all and we wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day at home!
With Love,
The Safe Ride Foundation