We have some great news today for those looking for a great college job opportunity!
Safe Ride is Hiring YOU!


We are a great opportunity for a college job, and you make awesome tips! Anyone, boy or girl, is welcome to apply. We are a fun bunch of people around here, and we would love to have you!

We only ask a few things of you:

1.) That you are at least 18 years old
2.) That you are a SAFE and RESPONSIBLE driver with a good driving record and valid driver’s license
3.) That you will agree to an easy background check
4.) That you’re friendly and courteous
5.) That you can work from the hours of 10pm to about 1 in the morning (depending on last call)

Two things that are not required by any means, but could definitely help you get the job:
A.) It’s a HUGE bonus if you can drive a STICK-SHIFT!
B.) It also helps if you have your own vehicle.

A few perks of the job:

  • Nonprofit organization, this also counts as charity work for a resume or college!
    Great pay, in addition to tips!
    Comfortable and easy going environment of both genders.
    Great way to get to know the downtown nightlife scene.
    Again, we drive the CUSTOMER’S CAR home, so on occasion you get drive some pretty cool cars!
    A very easy job, there’s nothing to it as long as you’re a very careful driver!

Sound like something you’d want to try out and be apart of? Send us an email at [email protected] , and feel free to check out our JOIN THE TEAM page

Your email will be answered within a day, if not the same day you send it. If we do not answer you within a day, go ahead and bug us at:



We hope you will join our family, and join the fight against drunk driving.

-Safe Ride