As 2019 rages on, SOS Safe Ride has a plethora of things to share with you, our loyal supporters, donors, clients, and friends!

For starters, recently on April 22nd, The Safe Ride Foundation turned FOUR years old!  We know right? Crazy how time flies!

In that time, we’ve done some pretty amazing things in this community with all of your help:

  • We launched the SOS Safe Ride program in 2016 after the community came together to help us raise the necessary funding.
  • We conducted nearly 10,000 rides in Frederick County to drunk citizens, in their own car!
  • We helped reduce the drunk driving arrest numbers by nearly 15% since 2016
  • We gained the support of the nearly 80 alcohol-serving establishments from Frederick, to Thurmont, to Mt Airy and so much more.
  • We nearly sold out the Weinberg Center with the “Over the Limit” Comedy Fest, featuring comedians Myq Kaplan and Maria Bamford
  • We raised nearly $120,000 for drunk driving prevention in 2018 between our events, SOS Safe Ride, our sponsors, and Safe Ride PLUS
  • We’ve partnered with globally and locally renowned brands every year to further our mission.
  • We’ve given over 6,000 breathalyzer tests with the Pump Your Brakes Booth…

And finally, we’ve helped to start a trend here in our area.

We all know that we shouldn’t drink and drive, we hope no one is oblivious to that.
But it still happens, every day, and people still recklessly make that decision.

Ever since we’ve been here, however, we’ve always aimed to be the last line of defense between a bar visitor and a DUI.

Some anti-drunk driving organizations advocate for drinking abstinence and try to stop you before you get to the bar, by urging you not to go in the first place.
We, on the other hand, we aim to stop you while you’re there.
Alcohol and bars aren’t going anywhere, but we’re working to make sure that drunk driving sure does.

That is our mission, that is our purpose, and every single one of you is a big part of it because it starts with you.

Thank you all for your support over the last 4 years, it’s truly been an honor and a blessing to serve this community, and on behalf of the Safe Ride Foundation, we love and appreciate everything you did to help us get here.

Stay safe, make a plan, and we’ll see you very soon.

-Wayne Dorsey

President & Founder of the Safe Ride Foundation.