Happy Holidays from SOS Safe Ride!
Are you ready for New Years Eve?
We sure are, it’s always our busiest night of the entire year; which we immensely appreciate because it means that every single one of you is Thinking Ahead, Making a Plan, and above all, Staying Off The Roads during the biggest drinking night of the year.
Here is our schedule for this weekend and New Years Eve. It’s still the holidays so forgive us for most of our drivers being absent for Thursday & Sunday, however we will indeed be available on Friday and Saturday for those who want to get their New Years Eve festivities out of the way early.
For New Year’s Eve, as with every year, in the interest of fairness we cannot take pre-reservations ahead of time on that night, simply because you can imagine the amount of calls/requests that we’ll receive starting at around 12:05am (god speed to the dispatcher haha). SOS Safe Ride is of course a charity program made up of mostly volunteers and naturally we only have so many drivers available [even despite that we’re also doubling our staff that night], so it would be very difficult to honor every single reservation request on our busiest evening, that’s the reason why if you needed it.
That all said, we are all here and ready to give up our New Year’s Eve night in order to make sure that every single person gets home safely. So whether you’re at the bar, or at a party, we’re here for you as always.
Enjoy your weekend, and bring in the new year strong.
On behalf of everyone SOS Safe Ride, Happy Holidays!