Final big announcement for the week (as far we know, haha)
So, did you notice that big countdown timer on the right side of your screen?
Well it is with great pleasure that S.O.S. Safe Ride Proudly Announces……

Our Grand Opening Launch Party will be held on April 22nd, 2016, at the legendary Bushwaller’s Pub!!

You guys have come to all of our soft launch events, and we have definitely kept our feet wet while we prepare to come out in full force…and now, it’s time!

To celebrate this, Safe Ride and it’s new sponsor Budweiser, are holding a big party at Bushwaller’s Pub on Market Street, AND YOU’RE INVITED!

It’s going to be a ton of fun, and we hope you can join us that night from 9PM – 11PM for the festivities!
[Our services will be open from 11pm to 4am after the event is over]
We’re going to make a night of it, so there’s lots to be seen definitely…..but what exactly?

Well that’s what we’re here for, here’s a bit of what’s going to be happening that night:

For Starters, S.O.S. Safe Ride will be offering 50% OFF rides all night to anyone who shows up to the party and says hi!
But of COURSE that’s not all…
Make sure you get to the party early, because the first 3 people to call us for a ride that night will receive an S.O.S. Safe Ride Gold Club Card, entitling them to…..wait for it….
(Sweet huh?)

What Else Though!?

There’s plenty of other things going on that night that you’ll definitely want to be apart of, here’s just a few!

  • Chances to win an S.O.S. Safe Ride VIP Club Card, entitling you to $20 Rides For Life!
  • Lot’s of Beer Sampling, courtesy of Budweiser!
  • Meet the Safe Ride Team! Come shake hands with the drivers who will be getting you home safely!
  • Insurance information
  • Find out your B.A.C. – We will have a booth with our Police Grade Breathalyzers, courtesy of BACTrack, find out when you’ve gone over the legal limit!
  • Scholarship Opportunities for college students
  • Job information!
  • Ways to get involved with our charity’s cause in various ways!!
  • Ribbon Cutting
  • Media coverage
  • Presentation of the check by Budweiser for our new partnership
  • And much, MUCH more!

It goes without saying that we need to give a HUGE and tremendous thanks to Budweiser for sponsoring and donating to the event, and also of course Bushwaller‘s pub for having us!

We hope you can join us on April 22nd at 9pm, and help us kick this thing off the right way for the city of Frederick.

Thank you guys so much as always, your help in the fight against drunk driving has been absolutely invaluable, let us continue to reward you for it!

With Love,

-The Safe Ride Family