We know that the night before Thanksgiving has a lot of different names around the country. Some call it “Drunksgiving” , some call it “Townie Night”, others call it “Wild Turkey Wednesday” … whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods, it is by far THE busiest bar night of the entire year, beating out both St. Patrick’s Day AND New Years Eve believe it or not.

Tomorrow Night, SOS Safe Ride will be in absolute full force and ready to pounce on drunk driving. There’s an inevitable storm coming for us and we are more than prepared, even enlisting some volunteer help just in case.

We are also sponsoring the Drunksgiving Party at Bushwaller’s Pub, featuring the tasty musical stylings of our favorite band, The Dan Mcguire Group! They will have plenty of “Free Ride Coupons” as well, so feel free to grab one from them!

Remember, your first ride is literally FREE, and we want EVERYONE to get home safely tomorrow. So please, whether you walk, get a cab, or get your vehicle home too with SOS Safe Ride, we hope you don’t get behind the wheel tomorrow night, and that you will continue, as you always do, to #MakeAPlan!

Help us fight drunk driving during this great time of the year, and let the holiday season begin!