America is great huh?

We enjoy freedoms that other countries simply cannot, such as the ability to provide great services to our community for little to no charge, because we can!

So we will do just that, in order to honor the men and women who died to make that possible.

This weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, From Friday-Sunday….. ALL RIDES…. whether you’ve used us before or not.. ARE HALF OFF!

If you would like, still feel free to tip your drivers (they do work for tips after all), or feel free to make a 100% optional donation to the cause. Remember that Safe Ride is a completely tax-exempt organization under 501c3 guidelines, so that means a tax-deduction for your generous contribution!


Thank you so much to our men/women in uniform, and to our sponsors who made this event possible.  We plan to to do this in future for other holidays as well, but as far as we’re concerned… the summer “drinking season” has begun, and we’d like to come out with a bang with responsible decision making!

Make sure you book your ride beforehand so that we can be there right when you need us!  It’s not required, but it helps!



-Safe Ride