We’re proud to announce something that we haven’t done before, something that we hope will be extremely effective in our fight against drunk driving in Frederick County.

While we will be closed this weekend for the holidays… we will, as always, be opening up on what is always our busiest night of the year, New Year’s Eve!

Not only that, but in a risky but awesome move, we’ve decided to do the same thing we did on Thanskgiving, and offer ALL rides in Frederick County for absolutely FREE on New Year’s Eve!

You read that correctly. If you’re out ringing in the New Year in Frederick County…. you don’t have an excuse. Do NOT drink and drive, because your ride is free.

As a result, we will be TRIPLING our staff in order to get every single person home safely that night, and we will not go home until that happens. That reminds us, please volunteer with us if you can that night, head to https://www.DriveForSOS.com/ for more info, we can use all the help we can get!

By the way, here are the “Catches”, just so we’re all on the same page:

1.) Respect the drivers, lots of rides to do so please try and help us move these rides along. Also if you can, take care of the drivers!

2.) Sorry, we can’t do pre-reservations on New Year’s Eve.

3.) Lastly, as we normally do, we can only administer rides within Frederick County. It’s a huge area, so for time reasons we have to cut things off somewhere. Fair enough?

And that’s it! New Year’s Eve is always a huge drinking night, and our goal is to make it so there’s no excuse to get behind the wheel once the clock strikes 12. Help us make that happen Frederick, and happy holidays from SOS Safe Ride!