Happy Holidays from SOS Safe Ride!
We are gearing up for what is always our busiest evening of the year, New Year’s Eve!
As we normally announce, we will be closed this weekend for the holidays. However, we will be re-opening on the big night, for when the clock strikes 12 to bring in the New Year!
On that night, we are continuing our annual initiative and will be administering all rides home at no charge!
Please keep in mind that as always, we are also closed on New Year’s DAY (Sat. January 1st)
You read that correctly.
If you’re out ringing in the New Year in Frederick County…. you don’t have an excuse. Do NOT drink and drive, because your ride is free.
Also, speaking of free…. if YOU are free that evening… please consider helping us with this ambitious initiative, and volunteer with us this new year’s eve as a driver! Simply visit us at https://www.saferidefoundation.org to sign up, we can use all of the help we can get; plus, as any volunteer will tell you, it’s a lot of fun!
By the way, here are the “Catches”, just so that we’re all on the same page:
  1. Please respect the drivers, lots of rides to complete so please try and help us move these rides along.
  2. Sorry, we can’t do pre-reservations on New Year’s Eve.
  3. Lastly, as we normally do, we can only administer rides within Frederick County. We live in a huge county, so for time reasons we do have to cut things off somewhere, fair enough right?
And that’s it! New Year’s Eve is always a huge drinking night, and our goal is to make it so there’s zero excuse to get behind the wheel once the clock strikes 12. Help us make that happen, Frederick, and happy holidays to you and your’s from SOS Safe Ride!