Safe Ride has a new sponsor!

The Safe Ride Foundation is proud to announce our new partnership with the revolutionary Nationwide company.. The SafeKey Corporation!

The SafeKey Corporation, a Minneapolis-based corporation founded in 2009, was created by a small group of professionals interested in finding ways to reduce the number of impaired drivers and prevent drunk driving on the nation’s roads, while also making it much more difficult for thieves to steal vehicles. The SafeKey Corporation is changing the face of responsible driving in a much more hands-on way, with a system that may just blow your mind in the same way it blew ours! They are exclusively focused on safety tools and deterrents against impaired driving, namely the “SafeKey System“.

What is the SafeKey System exactly?

The SafeKey System is a new twist on an old interlock, a completely voluntary drunk driving prevention system for your vehicle that challenges the driver with the test of hand-eye coordination in order to get the car started.

There is no breathalyzer in this module. Instead, the driver has a special key fob called a ‘check module’ with lights that flash and corresponding buttons to push. You have to keep up and hit the right buttons to start the car.

It’s like playing ‘Simon Says’ to start your car. Now right away, I know you are thinking the same thing we did, “How is this supposed to stop somebody from driving drunk?!?”

Obviously, most people after a drink or two could follow the pattern of lights and start their car. And SafeKey has testing data on their website which proves this.

But there is something else this data shows. Once people get just a little over a .10 BAC, the task becomes nearly impossible. A SafeKey system WILL prevent ‘Extreme DUI’. Extreme DUI is a BAC typically around twice the .08 legal limit. Accidents from Extreme DUI result in a disproportionate number of fatalities. So this system really does save lives!

We will have samples of the SafeKey system at every event that we attend and host from now on, and as part of this new partnership, those who get one of their own can also receive a special discount when placing their order over the phone by simply saying that “S.O.S. Safe Ride Sent Me!”

Check out the full story on the SafeKey System at the link below, or by checking out our new SafeKey page at:

We are so excited to be working with this great organization, and together we are now taking the charge against drunk driving!