Hello Safe Riders!


While this happened several weeks ago, and may have been mentioned in other places, we definitely wanted to share it with you guys regardless and make a nice post about it!

SOS Safe Ride is proud to announce a very monumental milestone for this designated driving program that we’ve all come to know and love.

We’ve been fortunate to see a lot of awesome results with our program over the past nearly two years. For example:

1.) We’ve contributed directly to a significant reduction in drunk driving within Frederick County in 2016

2.) We’ve personally sponsored and provided absolutely FREE rides at over 100 alcohol-serving events throughout the area including the Great Frederick Fair, Oktoberfest, The Maryland Craft Beer Festival, Alive @ 5, and much More!

3.) We’ve gained the support of countless bars/restaurants within the area.

And 4.) We’ve partnered with several organizations that take a fighting stance against drunk driving, including BudweiserSoldierfit FrederickAllstate, The Ausherman Family Foundation, and Frederick County Bank just to name a few.

But we didn’t stop there!

As of September, 27, 2017… SOS Safe Ride has officially achieved our personal milestone of 3,000 RIDES since our inception!

And also, as we mentioned in our “Safe Ride Plus” announcement video, well over 1,600 of those rides were provided for absolutely FREE, be that via a person’s first ride, an event that we’re covering, or even from bar discounts.

It’s incredibly overwhelming and humbling to see how SOS Safe Ride has been graciously accepted by this community, and also very great to realize just how many people care enough about their safety to refrain from drinking and driving after a fun night out.

Our next goal is pretty attainable, and we’re excited to get onto the road to it (pun intended). That’s a whopping 5,000 rides by the end of 2018! That’s a lot, but with the help of all of you, we hope to have that come to fruition!

Thank you all very much for all the well wishes, blessings, donations, and most of all dedication to drunk driving prevention.

Let’s continue to keep Frederick safe and keep drunk drivers off the roads!