SOS Safe Ride is out with double the drivers, and ten times the smiles!


So we really have to thank everyone for helping us have a full and successful 2016.  It’s been a great year of saving lives and preventing DUI’s, HOW great though? Well let us tell you!

  • In just 2016, SOS Safe Ride has completed over 1,300 rides, and saved countless lives in the process!
  • We’ve grown to a team of over 14 designated drivers who are all here to help you!
  • We’ve raised over $70,000 for both SOS Safe Ride and the Safe Ride Foundation
  • We’ve provided two scholarships for local high school and college students
  • We’ve attended over 50 alcohol serving events throughout the year, including happy hours, comedy shows, beer festivals, grand openings, and even weddings!
  • and much much more….

We will be giving a full report of this in the middle of February, but those are some of the highlights!


But what’s our point?

It’s simple really…..THANK YOU!

Thank you, all of you, so much for the support, love, and your commitment to refrain from drinking and driving, together we will make 2017 an AMAZING year for Frederick safety.

As we always say, and always mean….

“We want to be so good, that one day, we’re no longer needed!”