School’s Out For The Summer!

It’s the month of June, which means a few things. Time for the beach, suns out/guns out, and of course a lot of time to go out and take a breather from all of our daily stresses.  It’s also the start of that 3-Month period where our educators get a chance to relax and enjoy a drink or two before another school year of crafting young minds.

   As a result we’re starting our monthly occupation highlight with the
Teachers of Frederick County
But what does that mean?


Glad you asked.  To put it simply: For the entire month of June, ending on July 1st, ALL educators of Frederick County will receive any safe ride, with their ride Never Exceeding $15, no matter where they go in Frederick County, period.
Their ride may likely be less than this, but it will never exceed $15, which will in turn save tons for those who come from long distances.
This is in addition to their first ride being ABSOLUTELY FREE

Who is eligible for this promotion?

– All institutions affiliated with Frederick County Public Schools
–  Maryland School of the Deaf
– All colleges in Frederick County (Hood/Mt. St Mary’s/FCC)

In order to redeem this offer, teachers can do one of two things:

1.) Show their FCPS or school ID to their driver at the time of their ride.

2.) Simply tell their driver their name, and we’ll quickly look it up on the FCPS database.

Once we have confirmed, we are on our way!


Thanks a lot to all of educators, Frederick County based or not, for all that they do and continue to do in our communities. We appreciate you, and deem you our first recipients of the monthly occupation highlight!

Share this with all of your Frederick County teacher friends, stay tuned next month to see what our next Occupation Highlight will be, and be sure to send us an email if you have an idea for the next job you want us to highlight! Almost anything is eligible!

See you soon, and don’t drink and drive
-Safe Ride


Additional Notes/FAQS About the Promotion:

  • Any teacher can use the promotion as many times as they want during the month of June, and it’s just in time for summer vacation!
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other offers such as Half Off Gift Cards and VIP Club.
  • This promotion CAN be used with a friend, as long as the eligible teacher is in the vehicle with them at the time of pickup.
  • As stated, if it’s your first time using us…your first ride is FREE!
  • Be sure to tip your drivers!