We would like to thank everyone who came out to the big bash last Friday at Bushwallers, it went absolutely perfect and mother nature even decided to hold off for us.

We had a great turnout of over 100 people, including representatives from Budweiser, the Safe Ride team, officers from the local police department, and of course various media outlets in Frederick. We can’t thank people enough for the turnout, it was quite overwhelming.

Admittedly we wish we would have taken more pictures, however the Frederick News Post definitely picked up the slack for us in that regard, thanks to Reporter Paige Jones and Photographer Sam Yu for their help Friday.


This campaign with Budweiser has officially launched, and we are very excited to start putting a huge dent in DUI’s while working side by side.

Special thanks especially goes to:

Wantz Distributors and Budweiser, specifically Jason Jachowski and Daniel Strong for their generous contribution and their tremendous help in organizing this event.

The Frederick News Post, Hagerstown Herald-Mail, and WHAG

Amber Demorett and the legendary Bushwaller’s Pub for letting us hold the event there.

The Safe Ride Team, including Wayne, Katherine, Eugene, Bryan, and Sam.

The Frederick County Police Department

And of course, all of the attendees and guests that decided to take some time and come support us as we kick this campaign off.

Thank you all again, and remember, before you decide to get behind the wheel, consider grabbing a designated driver by calling 240-722-7422!

See you soon,
-Safe Ride

SOS Safe Ride's photo.  SOS Safe Ride's photo.  SOS Safe Ride's photo.