Phenomenal News (as per usual)

We have really appreciated all the help and feedback we’ve been receiving about our mobile app during the beta testing. As with any app, we’re still adding things to it every day, and it can only get better from here (coding is extremely time consuming, so it’s nice when we hear that things work well!)

Anyway, you guys will be happy to know, that the Safe Ride Mobile App Version 1.0 is now officially LIVE on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store!

All the features that you have been using in the beta (Schedule a ride, BAC Calculator, Rate Your Driver, Etc.) Have thankfully stayed in and aren’t going anywhere!



Our future plans for the app are the two main features that you guys have certainly been asking for:

1.) Payment Portals (So you can pay for your ride beforehand)
2.) GPS location of your driver
3.) Autofill – The app will remember your information so you won’t have to re-enter it every time you schedule a ride.
4.) Soon we will revamp the “Schedule a Ride” section to let it alert you when you schedule a ride at a time that has already been taken.

These features are soon to come, and our little fingers are coding as efficiently as we can.

In the meantime though, enjoy our now fully released app, and tell your friends that a new layer of accessibility has been added to the Safe Ride experience.

Thank you guys, especially the beta testers, and we hope to hear from you soon!

-Safe Ride