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“We all love to have a beer or cocktail every once in a while, and that’s completely fine…. but, what ISN’T fine is getting behind the wheel of a vehicle afterward.”


With the “Toast for the Most” program, we allow local and national alcohol brands to partner up with Safe Ride, local transportation, and the local bar scene to help spread this anti-drunk driving message effectively in the name of safety in Frederick County and parts beyond.

Every month, Two Alcohol Brands (one Beer and one Spirit) will be featured for a full 30 days in selected bars within Frederick County.  For every single unit sold at the partnering bars during that month, that brand will then donate up to $1.00 to drunk driving prevention in Frederick County via the Safe Ride Foundation, capped at as much as $2,500.00 per month, per brand!
This is a phenomenal way to create an environment where EVERYONE can help with this cause without having to do much on their part..including you, your favorite bar, uber, cabs, and the partnering alcohol brands; and a great way to help raise awareness on the dangers of both drunk driving and also drinking to excess.

We’re all in this together, we all share the same roads, so let’s help keep them safe.

As a nonprofit organization, we try to be very clear that we are NOT asking you to abstain from having a good time out with friends..

We also are NOT asking you to regularly drink to excess.   

We’re asking you to #MakeAPlan; to drink responsibly, and to never put yourself or others in danger by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

These brands and these bars want you to know that too, especially in Frederick County.
We care about you, and so do they.

So be smart, and let’s enjoy ourselves, responsibly.

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Features are tallied at these amazing Frederick County bars.
We thank them for their support!

Arrive Alive. NEVER Drink and Drive.

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