Here are a few questions that we often hear from customers

"What Are Your Hours?"

SOS Safe Ride drivers are only on duty during the following hours:

Thursday through Sunday
9:00pm until about 2:15am

Rule of Thumb:  If you see drivers available in the county, we are available!

"How Does it Work?"

To get a simple explanation of how to use SOS Safe Ride, simply visit our “How to Use” section!

"Do I need to have my car with me? Can you drive me home like a taxi?"

Yes, you do need your vehicle; we do not operate as a taxi service.

"What are the Rates?:"

Join Safe Ride PLUS:  $39/month gets you a 50% Discount on All Rides!

Normal Rates:

  • $3.00 per mile traveled (meter starts when the CUSTOMER’S vehicle starts moving).
  • Prices for rides within Frederick County are capped at a $39 ceiling.

We do NOT charge for the time/distance it takes for the driver to get to you.

  • Extended Stoppages (Gas and Food):  $7 Stoppage Fee + 0.50 Cents per minute
  • $10 Cancellation Fee

"Do You Take Cash? What other forms of payment do you accept?"

Yes we accept Cash payments!

We also accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Paypal balance

"Do I tip my driver?"

Tips are 100% appreciated, but as in any tipping situation are not by any means required.  Your driver is doing their best to accommodate you and also take good care of “your baby”, so if you’d like to, feel free to show them that you appreciate it.

"Wait, I drive an SUV!" | "Wait, I drive a Stick-Shift!" | "I have a blow-n-go!"

Done, Done, and Done! 

We drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Whether it’s a compact two-door or a beastly truck, we can surely handle it. 

Blow-N-Go? Yes, we can take care of it!

"What if there's an accident or something? Are you covered under my insurance?"

Accidents could happen from time to time, and you’ll be happy to know that SOS Safe Ride has a spotless track record, zero accidents to date.  

The answer to your question is: Yes!. There are two simple layers to our liability agreement. In the unlikely but certainly not impossible event that an accident occurs, you’ll be happy to know that the auto liability policy on your vehicle will also cover an SOS Safe Ride driver because you have given us prior paid consent to operate the vehicle.  In addition, our general liability (GL) coverage adds another tier of coverage for our drivers.

"Is this a nonprofit organization?" | "Are there volunteering opportunities?" | "What other work do you guys do?"

SOS Safe Ride is a nonprofit program under the local Frederick County anti-drunk driving Charity, The Safe Ride Foundation.  We are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 under federal guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. As a non-profit, our organization does a great deal of work towards the prevention of drunk driving in our area; working with local businesses, state legislature, and of course individuals to further our mission.  

In addition to providin the public with SOS Safe Ride, we host numerous fundraisers & events throughout the year, and even provide collegiate scholarships and grants for students in the Frederick county area.

If you have any other questions about our work, or would even like to know ways that you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to find out more information!

We are always looking for volunteers!

Any other questions that we missed? Just ask and we’ll be happy to answer!

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