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The Pump Your Brakes Booth (Sponsored by Stay in the Know/Think Before You Drink and BACTrack) is Frederick’s premier intoxication awareness program, aiming to “wake up” the common bar visitor about the effects of binge drinking. We all like to have a beer or cocktail, but let’s try to keep everyone accountable and monitor ourselves accordingly.

Every other Friday night, the SOS Safe Ride tent sits right on Market Street, giving free breathalyzer tests (Courtesy of BacTrack) to anyone who’d like to monitor their alcohol content while they’re downtown.  The booth also appears at every event we do rides for, including Alive at Five, and various Beer Festivals around town.

People consistently tell us that they’re amazed by just how easy it is to get over that illegal 0.08 limit, and this booth is there to serve the purpose of hopefully convincing even ONE person to think twice before getting behind the wheel while they’re intoxicated.

We’re very excited that this has been such a big hit, and appreciate all of you being so careful and responsible.  Come visit the booth on your next Friday night, and make sure to #MakeAPlan!

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