We’re gearing up to return to duty!

Per the announcement by Governor Hogan pertaining to the phase 2 and phase 3 re-openings of select Maryland businesses, the SOS Safe Ride program is now officially preparing to return to the roads of Frederick County!

As you may know, the re-opening and phase progression in Maryland have happened quicker and more suddenly than anticipated, for better or worse; and while we’re excited to return, we have to make sure we’re doing that as tactfully as possible given not only the close-proximity nature of our operations, but also the current volume and abbreviated operating hours of the various bars & restaurants within Frederick County.

Having said that, we plan to officially re-start operations in three weeks time, on FRIDAY 7/17 , with temporary adjusted operating hours of Friday-Saturday nights from 9:30PM until 12:30AM.

This decision was not a simple one, to be perfectly clear.  In order to come to a consensus that made sense for all involved, we had to consider and balance several important factors including:

  • Our urgent mission of continuing to prevent drunk driving in Frederick County
  • The highly-varying levels of comfort for the virus when it comes to each of our volunteers, supporters, customers, sponsors, and leadership. (This, more than anything, was a determining factor)
  • Current seating/patron capacity allowed by bars/restaurants, and also their operating hours.
  • Proper COVID-19 protocol which will work for all parties.
  • Number of volunteer drivers who are still willing to participate given the (still) serious nature of the virus.
  • And much much more.

If we deem that the overall situation and landscape has quickly or drastically changed in a significant way, we will react and adapt accordingly, however we remain confident in our plan and have determined it is by leaps and bounds the best move we can make in order to protect the interest, health, comfort, and safety of everyone we come in contact with, especially our customers and volunteers.

Are you also a member of Safe Ride PLUS?  Allow us to say thanks again for your support throughout all of this!  Even though it’s 3 weeks away, the option still remains for you to pause your donations if necessary, and you may re-activate at any time – We are incredibly grateful for your patronage no matter what!

Given how frightening the past few months have been, we are more appreciative than ever for everyone’s support of The Safe Ride Foundation’s mission, and thank you so very much for holding up the SOS Safe Ride program while all of this craziness has been going on.   Luckily and fortunately though, we are now officially on the other side of this mountain and coming back down, so that being said, we’re excited to see you all again in a few short weekends!

Finally, in the meantime, if you do decide to brave the landscape and go out to the bars, please be safe!

With Love (as always)

-The Safe Ride Foundation