We always have surprises for you guys, well today is no different!

So we have a few new sponsors for SOS Safe Ride that we’ve announced recently, and those sponsors have generously provided us with the opportunity to do something very special!

While we’re already less expensive than cabs/uber, while even providing the luxury of getting your vehicle home too, we’ve now been given the opportunity to take it up another notch.

So without further ado, SOS Safe Ride is now even 25% cheaper, at only 1.50/mile!

And as always… No Unexplained Surge Pricing, No Hassles, No Nonsense!

This applies to EVERY ride from now on, and is a permanent change to SOS Safe Ride!

By the way, would you like more FREE rides too? Maybe some personalized gifts from SOS Safe Ride? Try the new “Safe Ride PLUS” and be a part of the fight against drunk driving for less than the price of a candy bar!