You may have noticed… things are looking a LITTLE different around here..
As our 4th year of operations kicks off, SOS Safe Ride has gotten itself a major makeover!

Times are a-changin’, and with that so is our tech, but even having said that we’re still staying true to who we are. A young, scrappy, and always hungry nonprofit working to make this area a better place (yes, we did just quote Hamilton, ha.)

We first have to thank our fabulous Frederick sponsor 20 Day Websites for putting together this AMAZING online home for us.  We really have been absolutely blown away by their work over the last few weeks renovating our website, and as you can see, they certainly outdid themselves here.

Reach out to them for any of your website needs and tell them SOS sent you! Here are a few of the highlights of the site update:

For starters, Safe Ride PLUS has moved off of Patreon to directly to the SOS Safe Ride website.  We found the Patreon platform to be confusing for users, so have migrated over to our own platform to make joining this amazing program that much easier.

Our How to Use section has been consolidated to one single page (down from 4), and SOS is now a lot easier for us to explain (yay for video content)!

Our Partners and Sponsors are now highlighted not only on our homepage, but also on our exclusive Partners & Sponsors page. Check them out and see what Frederick based businesses help make this thing happen, we literally can’t do it without them!

Want to give to the cause?  There are 3 easy ways to do it now, which are easily highlighted on our Give to the Cause page.

We have new programs!  For 2019, make sure to have look at our two new Frederick community programs Toast for the Most and the Pump Your Brakes Booth.

VOLUNTEER!  Find out more about how you can be a part of the Safe Ride mission by visiting our volunteering section.

And finally, our Frequently Asked Questions section has been updated and streamlined to make it much easier to have all of your SOS questions answered.

Again, we can’t thank 20 Day Websites enough for their hard work, and encourage any Frederick organization to reach out to them for their web solutions, they’re phenomenal.

Next… we’ve been waiting a long time for this one:

The SOS Safe Ride has now been fully updated, and is the new app now LIVE on the App Store and Google Play.

We’ve been working very hard over the years to bring you the app that we’ve always dreamed of, and now we finally have it!

Before we show you what it can do, we really do have to thank the men and women who supported this project, particularly the supporters of Safe Ride PLUS, we couldn’t have achieved this without you guys so again thank you so much.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at this bad boy!


First, you’ll see our new intro screen, highlighting our hours, service area, and one of our flagship sponsors, Budweiser!

At the home screen, you’ll see all of the new options you have available.

Check your profile to see your membership status and info.

Want to change from standard to plus? Join Safe Ride PLUS for $39/month and get ALL of your rides for absolutely free!

Want to be a driver? Click here to inquire about driving positions with SOS Safe Ride

You can also check out our facebook posts, and our latest news section, and click the “More” button to find out more about how the SOS program works!

Well that should do it, than-….. OH YEAH! LET’S SHOW YOU THE NEW RIDE FEATURE!

With the new Get-a-Ride section, users can easily mark the location of their vehicle (Remember, your VEHICLE, not you haha); and also their desitnation.

You can see the available drivers, view their quoted price beforehand, enter promo codes, AND choose a payment method (cash or credit card via paypal). Users do NOT need a paypal account in order to pay with Credit Card.

After requesting a ride, users are connected with a driver team, and we’re on the way!

After the driver arrives and you are transported to your home, users are free to rate and tip their driver team as they please, and you’re all done! Easy peasy!

Really Quick Important Note IF you have an account on the old SOS Safe Ride App, you will indeed have to create a new account on the new app.

Your old account information does not carry over!


Important note two:

Ride reservation times have now been discontinued, please be sure to make your ride requests at the time you are ready to leave and we will accommodate you!

It’s pretty neat huh!? We’re proud of it so hopefully you guys love it as much as we do!

We’re more than ecstatic to be revealing this new project. Admittedly, just like you guys, we’re going to need a week or two really get a hold of the rhythm, and we’re excited to play with our new toy !

Remember, you do NOT have to use the app in order to use SOS Safe Ride. You can still call us at any time, just call
240-722-7422 !

Honestly everyone, we sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU! We’ve come so far in the last few years, and it’s all thanks to you guys. So again, we appreciate all that you do and together let’s make this a safer Frederick County for years to come.
See you this weekend, and have a great week!