Tonight’s the night! New Years Eve in Frederick County!

As you guys know and guessed, this is by far going to be the biggest night of the year for drunk driving prevention, and we are going to be hustling our butts off!

We ask for your full cooperation tonight, and hope you can bare with us as we try to get everyone home safely and DUI Free. Just a few bullet points to help out:

** Remember that we serve the whole county, so keep in mind that your driver IS on the way, and will keep in touch with you, but please bare with them if they may be a little tardy, especially tonight!

** We will let you know when we’re about 5 or 10 minutes away, so it would help us out TREMENDOUSLY if you are at your vehicle once we arrive 🙂 .

**Finally, have fun tonight and take care of your bartenders and your drivers, they have to work on New Years Eve of all nights so feel free to show them that you appreciate them for that